Currently in Victoria, massive house prices are locking a generation out of home ownership and creating more renters than ever before.

Growing competition for rental properties is causing rents to skyrocket, so more and more Victorians can no longer afford to rent in the private market.

This is putting even more pressure on public housing, with over 82,000 Victorians (including almost 25,000 children) waiting for a place to call home.

There’s a problem though – after decades of under-investment, there’s not enough public housing properties to keep up with the need.

Despite our state’s population growth, we have the same number of public housing properties today as 20 years ago.

In 2016-17 alone, 123 new public housing properties were constructed and 106 were sold off – meaning only a net gain of 17 new homes in a year.

Inevitably, this is creating record levels of homelessness.

On any given night, almost 25,000 Victorians are homeless.

And another million are living in housing stress.

Other horrifying facts:

- In the last 20 years, Victoria’s population grew by 1.46 million, but only an extra 89 public housing properties were built.

- The average wait time for Victorians on the priority waiting list has increased from around 8 months to almost 11 months in recent years.

This is a disgrace.

We need a long-term plan to build more public housing.

Having a home gives each person the foundation they need to take care of everything else. 

But if we don’t have an affordable rental market and enough public housing, more people will inevitably be pushed into homelessness.

As the peak body representing public housing tenants in Victoria, the Victorian Public Tenants Association is extremely aware of the under-investment in public housing over the last two decades and sees the effects of this every single day.

They created the Homes for All campaign to shine a light on the housing crisis in Victoria and demand more public housing for those who need it.

We call on the Victorian Government to:


Guarantee a pipeline of public housing construction projects equating to a build of over 6,000 new units by 2022

Premier Dan Andrews said himself, “If budget circumstances allow for us to do more then of course we would.”

With the best economy in the nation, Victoria desperately needs to build at least 2,000 new public housing units each year to address the growing housing crisis.

This would generate jobs, reduce disadvantage, and improve Victorians’ quality of life overall.

Renew run-down properties that are passed their use-by date

Years of neglect and poor management has left too many public housing properties beyond repair.

We need to renew run-down properties so tenants can live comfortably in their homes and have a better standard of living for the rent they pay. 

Include public housing in new developments

Greater Melbourne boasts nearly 200 hectares of government-owned land that could host 30,000 homes.

We urge the Victorian Government to begin using the vacant land they already own for public housing and mandating developers to include public units among their new developments.

You can also read our campaign fact sheet here.